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Christos Nicolaides

Christos Nicolaides was born and raised in Nicosia, he is married and has three children. Both his parents come from Limassol. He has graduated from Kykkos Lyceum and Kapodistrian University of Athens, in Economic Science. He has broad knowledge of rempetiko and greek popular music (‘laika’), while being mostly interested in Tsitsanis, Theodorakis and Xarhakos’ work. During the last two decades, he was widely engaged in greek and latin dance, taking lessons in various dance schools in Nicosia and being part of greek dance performances on stage and on television. His long term friendship with Nectarios Foris led him to Dance Academy Cyprus, from the first year the school was created. There, Christos has the opportunity of working together with the school’s teachers, most often for choreographing performances on greek music. After all these years, he still considers himself as a student, since he believes that learning in music and dance never ends.

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