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Nektarios Forris Assiotis

Nektarios was born in Nicosia. He soon became interested in the Cypriot and Greek dance and music as he was greatly influenced by his close relative Gregori Assioti, who was the founder of the first dance group in Cyprus in 1948. At the age of six he started taking Cypriot and Greek traditional dance lessons. As a member of folkloric groups he performed in events in Cyprus and in festivals abroad and he made appearances in many television shows as well (see below for details). He has been teaching Cypriot folkloric dances (Antikristoi,mantra, Sousta, Sirtos, Stamna, Drepani,zevla and Tatsia [DIPLOMA FROM UNESCO CID]) and Greek dances such as Chasapiko, Sousta, Sirtaki, Kalamatiano, Aptaliko, Kamilieriko, Macedonian, Ikariotiko, Sirto, Nisiotiko, Pentozalis, Tsamiko, Tsifteteli,koullouriwtiko and Zeimpekiko [DIPLOMA FROM UNESCO CID] to students from six until eighty years old! He also teaches Latin dances like Cha-Cha, Jive, Rumba, Samba, Salsa, Bachata, salsa Shine, Merenque, Paso Doble and Tango( DIPLOMAS FROM IDTA).

Participation in Festivals
2013 International Folklore Festival in Château Gombert in Marseille, FRANCE
2012 Dance Festival of Keramotis (TETYK),THESSALONIKI
2011 Festival de Folklore Mondial in Martigues, FRANCE
2010 Global Festival in Corfu, GREECE
2010 Ayia Napa Festival, CYPRUS
2009 Ayia Napa Festival, CYPRUS
2008 Wine Festival in London, ENGLAND
2007 Cypriot Handicraft Festival, CYPRUS
2006 1st Mediterranean Folklore Dance Festival, CYPRUS
2003 Folklore Festival in Lefkada, GREECE

Performance in shows in TV

2019 'Kali sas mera' CYBC1
2018 ‘ginaikeia ipothesi’ CYBC1
2018 ‘Oso iparxoun tragoudia’-SIGMA
2017 1.‘Kypriaki vradia’,CYBC-GALINIS PRODUCTIONS , 2.‘Savvato kai Apovrado‘, CYBC1,3.’To steki tis pareas,SIGMA’
2016 1.‘Savvato kai Apovrado‘, CYBC1, 2. ‘Kali sas mera‘, CYBC1

2015 1.‘Savvato kai Apovrado‘, CYBC1, 2. ‘Kali sas mera‘, CYBC1
2015 ‘Posa ksereis‘, CYBC1-GALINIS PRODUCTIONS
2014 ‘Posa ksereis‘, CYBC1-GALINIS PRODUCTIONS
2014 1.‘Savvato kai Apovrado‘, CYBC1, 2. ‘Kali sas mera‘, CYBC1
2013 ‘Pername kala‘, ANT1
2012 ‘Proini Ekdosi‘, SIGMA
2011 ‘Savvato kai Apovrado‘, CYBC1
2009 ‘7-10‘, CYBC1
2008 ‘Imaste Edo‘, CYBC1
2005 ‘Efxaristo Savvatovrado‘, CYBC1
2000 ‘Antennakia‘, ANT1

Work Experience

2019 - Organizer of Zeimpekiko Festival Cyprus
2016 - Creator/instructor/manager at ‘Sxoli kypriakwn xorwn Gregoris Assiotis 1948’
2014 - Choreographer and Teacher at Kiklamino kindergarten
2014 - Choreographer and Teacher at primary school of Agios Marwnas
2014 - Creator/instructor/manager at Dance Academy Cyprus
2007 - 2014 Teacher at Shakallis Dance School
2010 - 2014 Instructor at and member of Adoulotoi Shakalli Folcloric Group
2010 - 2020 Choreographer and Teacher at Assia Municipality Dancing Group
2010 - 2018 Choreographer and Teacher at Kormakitis Municipality Dancing Group
2001 - 2008 Choreographer and Teacher at Gregoris Assiotis Dancing Group

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